Everydaybiochemistry Recap

It has been FOREVER since I have had time to blog. First studying for exams, then taking the exams, and then a crazy hot experiment that lasts a whole month. So my personal life has been pretty minimal, and blogging time nonexistent.

My original intention for this blog was to help me study for my comprehensive exams. So did it help? Yes and no. It definitely helped me get comfortable with biochemistry lingo- how many times can I forget the difference between hydrophobic and hydrophilic?? Well, never again! As far as helping me with specific content I was tested on… not so much. There was so much on that exam that it would take a lifetime of blogging to cover it all. (And it would be so boring that no one would care to read it!)

Not that I don’t find biochemistry interesting. I do! But I don’t think anyone here wants to learn how to create a titration curve. Ya know, for all those buffers you make in your everyday life :p Once I started blogging, I found that I really enjoyed it, and I still have several topics I would like to cover. So I will continue to blog, but probably not at the same rate as I was pre-exams.

Note: The orange mango smoothies at a certain famous coffee shop that rhymes with Carbucks do not taste like orange OR mango. All I taste is banana :/ FYI.


Author: ilovebraaains

I am a neuroscientist using zebrafish to study mechanisms of neuroregeneration.

One thought on “Everydaybiochemistry Recap”

  1. Hey, just wanted to thank you for your super interesting, engaging, informative and entertaining take on biochemistry 🙂 Really enjoying reading your blog.

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